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Golf, Open to Offers

How will you be watching the Open action unfold this year? Well for the last few decades the dear old Beeb provided live TV coverage over the 4 days of competition and we took it for granted that it would always be there, but this year the live coverage will only be available to those […]

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The Times They Are A-Changing

Not so very long ago when golf clubs had waiting lists and joining fees, only those blessed with esp could have predicted the difficult trading circumstances that clubs would face, and only those whose powers were otherworldly would have had a ready-made solution for today’s issues at their fingertips. For people who have a business […]

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A Quality Lesson for Scottish Golf Clubs

At the recent AGM of central Scottish golf club Kirkintilloch it was revealed that the seemingly impossible had happened; the club which had battled the elements of economy for almost a decade had turned their fortunes around and were on the up again. This was seen by the members as nothing short of miraculous, but […]

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Marketing business for Scottish golf clubs

Those who have occupied positions on golf club committees over the last few years have been at the sharp end of the fortunes of our clubs, and for many it has been an uncomfortable experience. With waiting lists and joining fees a thing of the past, there has been an inexorable slow downhill slide in […]

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